Sneaks CD


The Sneaks loved to play live, and they were well known (and loved) for their energetic stage shows. Fortunately, some far-sighted friends (thanks, Butch!) had the foresight to film or tape some of these long ago performances.

The footage here begins with a chaotic 1980 appearance at an Arcadia High School "pep rally," which was broken up by school administrators. Next, is the infamous "false start," wherein "Run" is started in the wrong key. These are the only known videos of the Sneaks with original guitarist, Jim O'Toole playing. Rob Schilling joined, and ultimately replaced Jim a few months later. Of note, Jim is borrowing Rob's Marshall amp for both of these gigs.

Also featured, is live footage from the afore mentioned Ice House and some outdoor video of the band's 1982 concert in Sierra Madre's Memorial Park.

The Sneaks lone "studio" video appears here, as well. The boys were contacted by USA Video and asked to make a video to be played on a cable music program. The three-camera lip-sync was shot on a production stage somewhere in Orange County, California. The band had an argument that day, just prior to filming, regarding how the various members would be dressed for the shoot. Ultimately, Greg was allowed to dispense with his tie, and the "show went on."

The final clips were taken from the 1987 reunion show at Topper's Nightclub, three years after they had originally disbanded. This was arguably one of the Sneaks' best live appearances in all their years of playing.