Sneaks CD

Master Set List

Here it is, the most comprehensive list of the Sneaks' performance repertoire currently available. The four members were surveyed, and these are the ones they could remember.

Song Title
100 Punks
Generation X cover. Wild, and great for slamming.
A Step Away
Lyrics once referenced a girl named "Dawnell," on whom Brett had a crush. Reference later removed.
Song about cocaine addiction
Always On My Mind
One of the band's best harmony songs. Rob and Pat's cornpone "5-1" ending somehow made it into the final recording.
Bad Moon Rising
CCR cover
Beat On The Brat
Ramones cover. A pogo favorite.
Billboard Girl
Insipred by a real billboard. Once featured in a 1980s "Movie of the Week."
Caught In The Act
The unofficial Sneaks "theme song."
Conformist Life
One of the band's last songs. Referenced "Alligator-Chested fools,"presumably those who wore Lacoste shirts. (Alternatively known as "Count Me Out."
Deluxe Pig
1-4-5 blues number about Ms. Meate
Detroit Rock City
Played live only once for a Halloween Night show at Pookies. Band dressed as KISS (pre-unmasked) for the gig.
Down N' Out
When Jodie Zappanti lost interest in Rob, he wrote a song about it. Rare Sneaks foray into blue-eyed soul.
Hendrix cover
Fly Boys Theme
Cover of theme song for the Arcadia-based band, The Flyboys. One of the Sneaks' few instrumentals.
For Your Rights
Social Justice song about fighting for freedom
High School Brats
A fan favorite from the band's early days. Loud and snotty, indeed!
I Was The One
Serious attitude with an interesting slow break between verses
I'll Be Around
One of the best "bridges" in the band's repertoire.
Rob brought this song over from a previous band, the Rippers. Subsequently, it was stolen by the late Chris Engel, renamed Amphetamine Love, and released on his band's EP. "Angelic' background vocals were recorded for this song, but not included in the final mix.
A kind of reworked version of Negative Man. Only played a few times. No know recorded version of this song exists.
Just Havin Fun
Another carryover song from the Rippers. Rob and Brett changed the lyrics and reworked the tune, but it never quite gelled.
Just Knowing You're Mine
Bouncy pop number
Laura's Song
A song about Brett's doe-eyed girlfriend, Laura Lastra. Song was also recorded by VandePerk, with instrumental backing by Sneaks members.
Little Dar

Greg's only song was written on the back of a coctail napkin. Coincidentally, "Dar" was the name of Pat's long-time girlfriend. Rehearsed, but never finished.

Little T&A
Rolling Stones cover. One of Rob's favorites.
Lonely Girl
Another early song. Slated to be on the first EP, but was cut at the last minute. New version to appear on Butch Magnum's forthcoming album.
Lost Holiday
A great, whimsical song. Recorded with horns, but they were never used live.
Love By Fire
Later known as Love Bonfire, due to Howie Orell's mispronunciation of the title. Rob liked that title better and renamed the song. Played in odd meter.
Mean Teen Queen
Pat's song about a naughty nattie.
Modern Love
The officially released version of this song is missing a "heavy metal" break that the band played live. Not a Bowie song...
My Time Jim O'Toole rock song. Was dropped shortly after he was.
Mystery Mary
Great for 80's style nu-wave dancing
Negative Man
Written about a kid with a bad attitude
Not Free
Looking to make a move from one GF to another, Brett wrote this song.
Nothing From You
Sad song about family abuse.
Off My Cloud
Stones cover. The band usually closed its shows with this crowd-pleaser.
One Day
The band's first demo, as recorded by Bob Bolling and his mobile four-track reel-to-reel studio. Another version included on the first EP.
Phone Booth Suicide
Chaotic, punk-inspired song.
Ripped & Torn
Brett's telling of Rob's broken romance. Later played out by Perkins & Schilling.
Caught on video, Jim O'Toole infamously started this song in the wrong key at an Arcadia High School performance.
Show Your Love
Band never quite got the Ska groove of this song. Learned, but not played live.
Some Kid Went Crazy
Lyrically and instrumentally intense song about a schoolmate.
Who instrumental cover. Often played for sound check, but never for a show.
Step It Up
Jim O'Toole jammed this tune after getting kicked in the butt by his dad.
Survivor Harmonic pop song with roaring guitar solo (which cemented Rob's position in the band).
The Calling Song about the suicide of Jay Adams, a boy who seemed to have it all. Learned, but not perfected until Rob re-introduced it in his subsequent band, Blue Frontier.
The Kids Are Alright Who cover. This song really "spoke" to the band.
The Message
Great Brett ballad. The latter-day Laura's Song
The Way She Wore Her Sweater
Well-crafted "angry love song."
This Love Is Dead
Rob's early-Beatles inspired song about a broken love affair.
Tra lee, la, la lee, la loo lee, la, la lee, la la
Nonsensical song made up to annoy Jim Love. Often played to annoy Brett.
Turn On The Lights
Gave the band rock street-cred. Once called a Zeppelin rip-off.
TV Truth
A rare Pat composition. Really cool tune. Demo was recorded, but lost.
The spoken ending to many shows. Originally recited by Greg's Uncle Freddy, at Oasis Park, in Palmdale, CA, after the band played there.
Ode to letting go.
Why Bye Boogie
Never included on an EP, but should have been. Was recorded in demo form.
Why Do You Run
The only "produced" video of the band is for this song.
Young Boy
Rush-like "progressive" rock. This song was great fun to play.
Ziggy Stardust
Bowie cover. Played with maximum attitude.