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Welcome to the virtual home of The Sneaks. A band that for all intents and purposes ceased to exist in the 1980s yet refuses to be forgotten.

Unbeknownst to many who followed the band, the spirit of the group has been carried on in the hearts of its members—Pat Hacker, Brett Perkins, Greg Tortell and Rob Schilling—since the sad day the lads parted musical ways, all those years ago.

Although far-flung both geographically and musically, the boys remain close friends, hence, the existence of this website, and more importantly, the content within.

For the first time since 1984, the music, stories, pictures, and detailed history of the Arcadia, California-based band, The Sneaks, is available for public consumption. Here, you'll find documented great memories of how it was, and news on how it is today for The Sneaks and their families.

Perhaps your visit here may even insipre you to create something new!

So, dig in and enjoy. This site is for you, the friends and fans who never forgot...